Most Common Types of Eyeliners You Probably Aren’t Using.

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One of the make-up items I cannot do without is the eyeliner, I am a sucker for them! When you need that attention grabbing eyes, even when nothing else has been applied on the face, eyeliner is the way to go.

There are different types of eyeliners in the market and it all depends on one’s preference and dexterity really. My favourite is the liquid version! lets take a quick look at the three most common types of eyeliners.

Pencil/Pen Eyeliner
thT0SVC6A4A basic eye pencil should be a makeup bag staple of every woman. Pencils are quick and easy to work with. A lot of people use pencils to draw their brows, line their lips and eyes as well. Pencil liners can and definition to the top and bottom lashes, line the waterline and can be smudged out to create a dramatic smoky eye look. It’s best that the pencil is well sharpened before use to get the best use out of them.  They come in different colors, ranging from black, brown, pink and the rest. They also range from as low as N100 to the most expensive, depending on the brand. The best types to get are the soft but highly pigmented ones. The pen eyeliner is like a biro. They are more expensive than the pencil liner but are easier to use for people that want the liquid look but do not have steady hands.


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Liquid Eyeliner

Although the winged liner look can be achieved using any of the eyeliner types, the best way to achieve the look is to use the liquid eyeliner for a clean and precise line. It is easy though to make mistakes when using this type of liner if one does not have a steady hand and when it gets into the eye, it hurts and can ruin any other eye make-up already done, like eye shadow. But once you get the hang of it, it is easy-peasy. Always keep a cotton-bud (q-tip) at hand to wipe any smudges. The price range starts from N200 and above. Most liquid liners dry to a matte finish.

Cream and Gel Eyeliner
This types of liners are great for those with unsteady hands when it comes to application and are a good alternative to the liquid liner. They are of thicker formulation and usually come with an angled brush for application. They can also be used for tight lining the waterline because the brush can get color to the base of the lashes. This type of liner is best set with the use of an eye shadow to increase its staying power.

Most Common Types of Eyeliners You Probably Aren’t Using.
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