Dressing for an Interview: As A Woman.

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Dressing for an interview can be a daunting experience for a lot of people, most especially women. This is because you want to have a balance between looking great and well put together and also not going overboard.

An interview is an opportunity to make a great impression and your clothes shouldn’t deter the interviewer from your Curriculum Vitae. This isn’t the time to show them your “pepper-dem gang” outfit, this isn’t play time, but serious business.


Here are a few guidelines for picking out an outfit for your interview.

  1. Dress

You can never go wrong with a dress for an interview, this is because it saves you the stress of wearing or combining multiple items of clothing. But here are a few tips to picking a good dress. First, ensure that the dress is not short, overly tight or revealing in any way and simple too. You do not want to distract your interviewer with too much flounces and laces. If possible, let your dress be one colour as well, as too many colours can be distracting. A cap sleeve, short sleeve or long sleeve dress is fine, avoid thin strapped dresses, except you have a good blazer that will complement it. Ensure your dress is clean and well-ironed.

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2. Shirt and Skirt/Trousers


This is also an easy go to choice of outfit for an interview. There are so many options, the key is knowing how to balance patterns and colours. To be on a safe side, wear a plain coloured skirt or trouser and pair it with a simple patterned shirt (no crazy patterns here please!) the aim is to look good while ensuring people don’t cringe or think you are unserious when they see you. Keep the crazy pattern till you get the job (lol).

A knee-length or slightly above the knee length skirt is great, no mini-skirts please, especially if you are getting interviewed with a reputable establishment. Trousers should be fitted and corporate looking, no harem pants, jeans or pencil-mouthed trousers.

You can never go wrong with black, brown, gray, navy blue coloured skirt or trousers. Any other colours, ensure you know how to match colours properly before you experiment. Also make sure your outfit is clean and well ironed.


3. Shoes


Shoes are as essential as the clothes. Pick a comfortable pair, with good soles. Leave your towering 6-inch heels at home, we know you can comfortably walk in them, but a two inch-heel is just as fine too, preferably pump heels. You can also opt for ballerina flats, do not do sandals or boots.


4. Perfume

This is not the time to “kill” them with your perfume. Use an anti-perspirant deodorant before you leave the house to tackle any odours and top it off with a light scented perfume. It is off-putting for anyone to perceive your body odour, but it can also be off-putting if your perfume is too heavy. A few pumps or spray of your perfume will do, target your pulse point, such as your throat, wrists and behind your ears as well.


5. Make-up

Your make-up must be simple. No elaborate wing liner, no bellanaija “party-time” eyeshadow application. Foundation and or powder, neutral eyeshadow, light coloured lipstick and mascara are okay. if your falsies are too long or don’t look natural, leave them at home!



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