Makeup Pick of the day: Classic Lipstick


Most people have the idea that when a product is cheap then it equates to bad quality

I am so glad to have found out about the classic lipstick,even though i was late on this :(. The Classic Matte Lipstick  glides right on and stays in place with a silky matte finish.

  •  It doesn’t crease
  • No breaking
  • Very Affordable (you can get it for N500 or at most N1000 😀 😀 [highlight] *GREAT DEAL*[/highlight] )Fashion-classic-lipstick-mi22008-AFashion-classic-lipstick-mi22008-B dealdey

Image source: Dealdey

How to use:

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  • Apply a lip balm to moisturize your lip
  • Apply an even layer all over the lips.


Please Dont be moved by the social media buzz about some of all these expensive makeup. Sometimes the cheap ones are better.


There is a popular qoute by  Abraham Lincoln[highlight] ” Just because it is cheap doesnt make it fake”[/highlight]

LOOL that is = a joke Abraham Lincoln never said that.


Source; Dealdey
Source; Dealdey

Hi, I am Ella and i will be your makeup reviewer and also giving out tons of healthy tips on makeup in a million styles. Do stay to enjoy my post!

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