Beets for the Body


I remember the first time I saw and bought beets in Dutse Alhaji market in Abuja, I was so excited to also hear they are grown in Jos as that meant constant supply. I bought just one that day and I never looked back since. My smoothie mix always had them. The color of the juice is so vibrant; you could almost be accused of having blood in your sink and the taste in smoothies? Delicious! I hope you try it out soon

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  • They may help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease
  • They can help prevent and reduce accumulation of fats in the liver
  • They also help in weight management as they are high in fiber and low in calories and have anti-inflammatory benefits
  • The nitrates contained in beets can help boost brain health and energy levels
  • Beets are also called “nature’s Viagra”
  • They are beneficial in reducing signs of aging
  • Used in the treatment of dandruff and due to its color, can be used as a natural hair dye
Beets for the Body
Benefits of Beets

They are used in smoothies, salads or cooked.



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