4 ways to enjoy your fruits 


Fruits are part of nature’s gift to humans and animals. They are packed with essential nutrients that help optimise body functions. Fruits come in myriads of shapes, colours, sizes and textures. Here are four ways to enjoy your fruits:

  1. They can be eaten alone. Munching on fruits is an age-long tradition. Pick them as you go, clean up and eat. Grabbing an apple or a slice of watermelon to eat is as easy as it comes.
  2. As smoothie: if you do not like to chew your fruit, you can blend it up as smoothie and still get all the benefits that come with eating it whole.
  3. Juice: This is another great way to drink your fruit. The only thing is that you get the benefits of the liquid content of the fruit, thereby reducing the calories taken from the fruit since the pulp is not consumed.
  4. As fruit salad: cutting up your fruits and putting them together can take a little effort but tastes oh so good! Knowing the fruits that work best together in colour and flavour can be both aesthetically and tongue pleasing

Whichever way you decide to enjoy your fruit, ensure you take at least one serving of fruit per day. Ciao!

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