Ginger Your Health For Your Own Good


Ginger is not new to people who appreciate the gift of nature. It is a very good spice that is beneficial to the health.  It is also used in the cosmetics business. It is used fresh, dried, ground as an oil or even juice.

Ginger Your Health For Your Own Good



Ginger has a main bioactive component called gingerol, which gives it the beneficial features. It is an anti-oxidant and also has anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Ginger is touted for helping with nausea, either from morning sickness, chemotherapy or even travel sickness. It is soothing and can help relieve constipation.

It can also help with muscle soreness and pain too, especially that which was gotten through exercise. Apart from helping with muscle pain, it can also help with reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


It may also help reduce blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of heart diseases. It can help reduce cholesterol levels in the body.Ginger Your Health For Your Own Good

It may help reduce the risk of brain degenerative illnesses like dementia.

It can help prevent malabsorption, which can cause serious illness for the body. Ginger aids in metabolism and the digestive process.

It also aids immune function and is effective against some bacteria, like staph infections and can help hasten healing.

It is being said to help prevent some cancer, even though more extensive research is still being done.

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I love ginger, anytime I want to fry eggs, ginger and garlic are my staple. Even when steaming my meats and other proteins for cooking, I always ensure to add the “twins” for the extra flavor.


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