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Corporate Monday Fashion

Monday is for bringing the pizzazz to work! You have to look all fresh and clean and well rested from the weekend and at the same time, bring your A-fashion game in. Usually, for a lot of people, Mondays sets the tone for their week.

The fashion for the work week is as official as it gets, no sloppy dressing, no revealing outfits or things that are too short. The aim is to look on point while still very much covered.

Got a top at home and you have been wondering how to pair it with other items? Perhaps, this post will help with some ideas on how to work those stuff together.

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It's Corporate Monday!

Black and Grey paired with blue accessories

It's Corporate Monday!

This striped white and black top on blue skirt is the truth!

It's Corporate Monday!

Polka dotted top on sky blue blazer and pants

It's Corporate Monday!

Striped red and blue skirt, white shirt and blue blaer with blue and white shoes

It's Corporate Monday!

All black everything!

It's Corporate Monday!

Cc @jackieapiah serving us some inspo

It's Corporate Monday!

I love this chiffon top and she paired it well.

It's Corporate Monday!

This is beautiful in its simplicity

It's Corporate Monday!

White camisole and blazer on red flared pants

It’s Corporate Monday!
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