Weight Lifting, Not Only a Man’s World



weights liftingA lot of women shy away from weight lifting because they think it can make them look “manly.” Funny, but the truth is that the weight lifting is the best way to have defined muscles, lose fat, firm the body and maintain lost fat.


Here are more reasons why you should hit the weight stands when next you are in the gym.

Through weight lifting, stronger bones are built. According to a study, 4 months of resistance training can increase hip bone density and elevate blood levels of osteocalcin by 19%. Also, weights lifting can reduce the risk of stroke and chances of heart attack. Also, weight lifting helps lower levels of stress hormones. Lifters also have their blood pressure level return to normal faster than those with least muscle after a stressful situation.

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A research on dieters by the Penn State discovered that those who lifted weights lost six pounds more than those who didn’t. This was because the lifters lost almost pure fat while others lost fat and muscle. Losing muscle may shift weight on the scale, but it is also more likely that weight will be gained back quicker. The benefit of weight lifting is that you lose the fat, get into shape faster and clothes fit better!


Also, more calories are lost with lifting as metabolism is revved up after a total body workout. This happens because muscles need energy to repair their fibers after a good workout.

Furthermore, weight lifting can enhance cognitive functions. This was discovered by Brazilian researchers who noticed that six months of resistance training helped with better memory and improved verbal reasoning.

Apart from the health benefits, a great workout is enough to brighten one’s day. It also puts you in a better mood and gives you energy to fuel your day. Don’t shy away from those weights, embrace them.


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