Few Ways to Treat Hyper-pigmentation*


Yesterday, we looked at hyper-pigmentation and some of its causes. Today we will be looking at a few ways to treat hyper-pigmentation.

Few Ways to Treat Hyper-pigmentation
Hyper-pigmentation can be downright embarrassing; this is why many ladies always reach for their foundations or concealers before stepping out of the house so as to give their faces a more even toned look.


The treatment of Hyper-pigmentation varies and works in different ways on different people. But there is always a relief from the sufferer once it is cleared.

Some treatments can be done using over the counter products, while other have to visit the dermatologist for stronger products or treatment options.

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Here are some few ways to treat hyper-pigmentation:

It can be treated through chemical peels. This is the use of acids that can burn off the darkened areas to reveal new skin underneath. Even though there are you can do use by yourself at home, this is best done via professional help though so as to avoid pigment irregularities and scarring.


Few Ways to Treat Hyper-pigmentationLaser peel is also another option. It is done by professionals as well. Also, a photo-facial also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, where intense pulsed light is used can be a treatment option as well.

The use of skin lightening products such as hydroquinone, Kojic acid, Vitamin C, Retinoids can also be helpful in reducing hyper-pigmentation.

Give any of these options a try and see if it helps your case.


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