Drinking These Types of Tea Can Make You Loose Weight.


A lot of people in this part of the world are not tea drinkers, I also am guilty of that as well, I would rather reach for my Milo or Ovaltine, while my father on the other hand can fight you if his tea water is not boiled on time. As I grow older, I realized that though cocoa is natural and healthy, it was the sugar that enticed me more because pure cocoa tastes like punishment. lol.Try Drinking Tea if You Want to Lose Weight

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Try Drinking Tea if You Want to Lose Weight
Different Teas

Teas are great! Okay, for me they may need a bit of sweetener for an added taste and all, I haven’t yet developed resistance to sweeteners, but they are as low calorie and packed with goodness as they come. They also come in different types, trust me, black tea isn’t the only type of tea in the world. There are Green, Oolong, White(yeah, white tea exists),Roobois and many other types of teas.

Try Drinking Tea if You Want to Lose Weight
Brewed Teas

They are great for detoxing, burning fat by speeding up metabolism, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. For you to gain the best out of their properties, aim to drink between 3-4 cups daily. It can make up part of your daily water intake. You can also chill it in the fridge if you don’t like it hot like me and add lemon, ginger or other stuff for more flavour.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of these teas and what they do.

Green Teas: This is the metabolism booster. It has a compound called catechins that enables it do this function. Drinking a cup before workout and the rest after workout is great for blasting those fat cells, especially in the tummy. Increase your weightloss potential with this tea.


Roobois tea is made from the red bush plant which is grown in South Africa. It contains a flavanoid called Aspalathin which can reduce stress hormones in the body.

White teas prevent the formation of new fat cells. It is the least processed of the teas as it is dried naturally in sunlight. A study discovered that this tea can boost the break down of fat and block the formation of new fat cells.

Oolong teas also have the same compound as green teas and is super for blasting fat too.


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