How To Get The Hour Glass Shape Naturally Without Surgery

How To Get The Hour Glass Shape Naturally Without Surgery


An hourglass shape is a body type where the hips and bust are wide relative to the size of the waist. This body type has recently regained popularity and is known as the correct symbol of a woman, and a lot of people, both male and female, prefers the hourglass figure to any other body shape.

Women who naturally have these types of figures will find that when they gain weight, it happens first in the hips and bust. If you aren’t a natural hourglass shape but want to be, the best road to an hourglass figure is through diet and exercise.


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Workout Program

A workout program is essential in order to see the results. The fact is, a nice body doesn’t happen any other way, even an hourglass figure, unless you put the time in. You will get the body you wanted through commitment. Create a well rounded regimen that works for you, exercise options are plenty so find the ones you like and will continue to do. Burnout happens when you detest the program. You have not designed it with enough thought, variety, and reward. Gravitate between different types of regimens, like one day work on upper body and the next do cardios. Even a brisk walk breaks up the routine and keeps you interested. You will discover that the stronger you get, the more interested you become in maintaining the program.

Strength Training

Strength training can be done through weight-lifting and certain types of weight machines. While you still need to do some ABS exercises, shake it up with other core focused weights or weight machines. There are some fun and proven weight machines in almost in every gym. Strength training will reshape and toughen up all those flabby muscles, and provide you even more energy and endurance.

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Cardio can be anything from running to aerobics, as long as you are getting that heart pumped. Your metabolism jumps from a cardio workout, meaning any calories you consume for a few hours are going to be used fast. Doing cardio is essential not only for a great body, but it is detrimental for all the other body’s systems.

Include protein rich foods such as Chicken, Eggs, Nuts, Beans, Beef, Soy and Fish. While the healthy carbs help in gaining fat, the protein helps in building muscle (Gluteus Maximus) on your buttocks, which is beneficial while performing the exercises.



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