Few Ways to Detox the Body


3 Ways to Detox the Body

In the previous post, we briefly discussed detoxification and why you need a detox once in a while, today, we will take a quick look at few ways to detox the body and also things you need to do to keep your body at optimum health level.

Sweat more:

moving your body is a sure way to improve circulation and move out toxins from your body. The sweating alone is  way of the body also eliminating waste from itself. It has been proven that people who exercise more have fewer toxins in their bodies. Also, the use of the sauna is a great way to get those pesky toxins out of your body as the are eliminated through sweat. Don’t forget to bathe and exfoliate your body too, so that the toxins are gotten rid off completely.

Drink more water
Few Ways to Detox the Body
Cold water being poured into a glass.

This cannot be over flogged, drink more water to aid your body functions. Also, you can add some lemon (not lime) in your first drink of water in the morning as lemon is beneficial in re-hydrating the system and promoting digestion too. Sometimes, i do a lemon and mint leaves detox by steeping lemon slices (with the skin) and some mint leaves in water and drinking for some days. You should also increase your tea intake for better overall health, especially herbal teas. They are great sources of anti-oxidants which help slow down aging and protect the body cells from toxins.

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Eat less sugar and processed foods:Few Ways to Detox the Body

These two have been killing the body slowly. Too much added sugar and processed foods are not good for the body. Strive to improve on your vegetables and fruits intake and avoid white flour and other processed foods. Also, try to eat more organically grown foods. These were grown with less chemicals and thus are safer for consumption.

Keep to these few rules and you are on your way to a better body.


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