How Sugar is Killing you Softly


I have a super sweet tooth; it’s one of my weaknesses. Sugar is one of the worst addictions and the most prevalent among many people and a lot of us don’t realize the damage this sweet poison is wreaking on our bodies.

Sugars occur naturally in foods, especially fruits, but its added sugar that we are referring to here. Even with fruits, if you are watching your weight, you need to be careful about the servings you consume. This is unlike vegetables that pack fewer calories and you can still get away with bulking up on them.


Don’t get me wrong though, does the body need sugar, yes. This is because it gives the body energy but the type of sugar and the amount consumed on a daily basis is the important thing here.How Sugar is Killing you Softly

If you are wondering what I meant by added sugar, know that bottle of coke? You don’t want to know how much sugar was packed in it. Even the “innocent” Caprisone and Ribena you give your kids are sweetened. Processed foods like cookies, cakes, sweets and others are also culprits.

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Here are reasons to convince you, and not to confuse you, on why you should cut back on sugars

Added sugars is empty calories, as it is unaccompanied by other beneficial nutrients like fibers, vitamins and minerals.


It is also highly addictive for many people.

The high fructose in added sugars can overload the liver and make it deposit harmful fats into the bloodstream.

That is causes diabetes is no longer fresh news.

Due to its harmful effect on metabolism, sugars can cause some cancers.

It is a leading cause of obesity in children and adults.


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