Fad Diets: Why They Don’t Work

Fad Diets: Why They Don't Work


Fad diets are tempting, especially as we usually want to lose weight fast. One thing I have realized when it comes to weight loss is the level of discipline needed to lose eve a pound of excess fat. Because of the time, effort and planning needed to lose weight, it is easier to look to quicker means and this is where fad diets, slimming pills and teas come in.

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The good news about fad diets is that you will lose weight, the bad news is that except you plan on doing that diet for the rest of your life, you will gain back lost weight or even weigh more than you previously did.

Why, you may ask, it is pretty simple really. You see, there is no “unimportant” nutrient. All nutrients gained from foods are very important, even carbs and fats. It is the way and amount consumed that matters.  Fad diets tend to exclude some of these nutrients from their “plan.” This means the body is deprived of them.

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Fad Diets: Why They Don't Work

Also, fad diets are the lazy way out. The best balance for weight loss is to eat healthy and exercise as well. These diets would usually make exercise an unimportant part of their plans. Portion control is also key to keeping off the weight.


Anything that doesn’t encourage healthy eating incorporated with exercise is not good for long term weight loss.



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