5 Things Every Women Must Know About Her Hygiene

5 Things Every Women Must Know About Her Hygiene.


Health is wealth they say and that is genuinely very true. As human beings our body is our pride and it’s very important to take care of it. Women in general have been known to be clean but I’ve seen more dirty women than clean and in all honesty I cringe anytime since it’s  unfortunate to actually see a young lady who just reeks of dirtiness.

Everyone has one or two things that they have issues with; you could be a loud mouth, or an introvert or a fashionable person but what I find most annoying is those women that are clean on the outside and then their apartments look like sh*t… please mind the language.


Your hygiene is an important aspect of your life and so you should be clean both on the inside and outside, here’s the 5 Things Every Women Must Know About Her Hygiene.

  1. Starting off with the easy one, your hair which is a very important part of your body requires a lot of attention. Your hair should be properly cared for, for example, was at least every two weeks to avoid smell caused by the dampness of the scalp which can otherwise lead to dandruff if hair is not washed properly.
  2. it’s important to shave your private part from time to time, this is so that the area can breath and feel fresh. Note while you shave down there, it is easy to get bumps when you use the shaving stic, you could also react to shaving peel off to, therefore wax that area instead.
  3. Shaving cause itchiness and bumps to get rid of this, since it can be so embarrassing simple use the activated charcoal.
  4. Heat and sweat causes your armpit to smell and the odour can be atrocious sometimes therefore always have a wipe whether baby or feminine in your bag. Take a bathroom break ad clean your underarm using this wipe. You would feel fresh (thank me later).
  5. If you ever forgot to use deodorant, you can substitute with a hand sanitizer. The ethanol found in a hand sanitizer is enough to kill germs and of cause foul smell.

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