Why You Should Opt for Fresh Juice Over Packaged Juice


Juice is a great way to consume the benefits of fruits or vegetables without going through the chewing process. It is easy and convenient and can easily be taken on the go. It is even best when done with a juicer at home as that makes way less mess and more fruits can be juiced that way.

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Why You Should Opt for Fresh Juice Over Packaged Juice
Juiced Fruits and Vegetables

Juice comes in various forms though, there is the fresh one and the packaged one made from concentrates. They packaged ones come in bottles or tetra packs and they are affordable, easy to store and one can even have a variety of fruit flavors in one pack. But are they a good substitute for fresh juice? The answer is no and here are a few reasons why they are not.

  • Heat treatment of these juices occurs so that they can be kept for longer, obviously, whatever kills the organism in food to enable longer shelf life can also kill vital nutrients in that food. The same goes for juices. The quality and content is certainly changed.
  • They devoid of fiber and they have added sugars thereby increasing calorie intake and that taste you love so much? Artificial flavors. With the added sugar, your body reduces more insulin to break it down.
    Why You Should Opt for Fresh Juice Over Packaged Juice
    Tropicana Packaged Juices

If you do opt for juicing your fruits and vegetables yourself, you get the option of having all the nutrients in the fruits, you can vary the taste and flavor by mixing fruits and vegetables and also with herbs to vary your palate. Also, adding vegetables to your juices means you get more pulp and fiber.

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If you can, always opt for the juicing option and leave the packaged one, most especially if you are trying to live a more healthy life.



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