Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day


Leg day exercises always make you feel like jelly, not only after doing them, even days afterwards, you can still feel the burn. That is why staring up squats is one of my least favorite exercises. I always avoid any activity that requires I bend afterwards. Urgh!


Unfortunately though, except one is gunning to look like spongebob or Johnny Bravo, you cannot afford to skip training the lower region of the body

The lower body has some of the biggest muscles in the whole body. Doing workouts that challenge that part of the body means strong glutes, healthy hamstrings and toned calves.

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If it ever pops in your mind to skip leg days, kindly rethink for the following reasons

Exercises which involve large muscle groups like squats and deadlifts increase the level of testosterone in the body. This means more muscle mass and strength. Apart from this, the lower body is essential for movement, even for daily tasks. Strength based-movements help develop the hips and improve flexibility and help you run faster as well. Think of footballer for instance, the thickness of their thighs came from not skipping leg days. Building the lower muscles also helps with endurance.


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Building muscles is a sure fire way to increase metabolism, thus you lose weight faster. When you work bigger muscles in the body, this requires higher level of metabolism and thus you burn more calories.

You reduce the risk of injury when you condition your lower body. Squats, lunges and deadlifts will help deveklop the hamstrings, build muscle around weak joints and promote stability and mobility. Lack of mobility leads to lower back pain issues and prevents tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee

Lastly, you certainly do not want to look like this ↓

leg-day2-amillionstylesLeg Day


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