Video: How to Prevent Foundation Creasing

Video: Learn To Do Full Coverage Makeup


We all hate that cakiness and annoying look our makeup gets due to foundation creasing, don’t we? The foundation then tends to settle into the laugh lines around the mouth and eyes, thereby leaving a weird demarcation on the face, almost as if its a war between good and evil. lolVideo: How to Prevent Foundation Creasing

Flawless make up

Though it will require some practice (there is a reason why they say practice makes perfect) but with the right products and tools, plus a little bit of tips and tricks, getting your foundation not to crease will soon be easy-peasy.

Having that flawless face all day long shouldn’t be such a hard feat to achieve, should it? That is why we are here to bring you the best of tips and tricks of makeup application for black women.

Latest 2018 Styles

In this short video by Jackie Aina, she shows us just what she does to maintain a crease-free foundation look for the day.

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Video: How to Prevent Foundation Creasing
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