Skin Care: 5 Reasons Why Sleeping With A Full Face Make Up Is A No

Skin Care: 5 Reasons Why Sleeping With A Full Face Make Up Is A No


Taking care of our skin is what every beauty conscious woman should do. Treating your skin the right way will keep you looking radiant always.

Here are some tips about Skin Care: 5 Reasons Why Sleeping With A Full Face Make Up Is A No

One mistake most of us are guilty of is going to bed with make up on.

If you’ve had a long and tiresome day – the last thing on your mind is washing/ cleaning your face I know we can get lazy like that sometimes, leaving make up on while sleeping is very bad for the skin and if you do this often I suggest you change right away.

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This act damages the skin, dermatologist have a lot to say about this habit that should be stopped instantly if you want to keep your skin looking great.


  • ACNE: Sleeping with makeup clogs your Skin Pores which causes Acne.
  • WRINKLES: It causes Collagen “the main structural protein that helps give our skin strength, elasticity and replace dead sells” to break down which causes premature aging.
  • DULLNESS: Sleeping with foundation prevents the skin from rejuvenating naturally at night causing blackheads and dullness to your skin.
  • CLOGGED LASHES: if you sleep in mascara and eyeliner it results in clogging of the tiny hair follicles which causes a small bump called “hordeolum”, it also causes irritation and eyelashes loss.
  • CHAPPED LIPS: in as much as the lipstick is appealing on the lip sleeping with it on is not very appealing. It causes dry and chapped lips. It is best to wear a lip balm which is good for your lip.


Even though you are extremely tired and you are unable to wash your face, have a face wipe close to your bed or on your bed stand that can be accessible to wipe your makeup off before going to bed, your skin would appreciate that. Stay beautiful.


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