5 Reasons Why Honey Is Good For the Body



Honey is a power food that should always be available in the home. This is made by bees collecting nectar, pollen and resins from flowers; It is a sweet by-product of their efforts. It is full of nutrients, antioxidants and healing compounds. Always purchase raw honey that hasn’t been heat-treated or pasteurized as it contains more active enzymes and antioxidants.
It is a natural and healthier sweetener than sugar and has myriad of uses. Honey alone, or in conjunction with other natural ingredients, is useful in fighting aging, moisturization, exfoliation and in hair care.


Use of Honey

1. It is a humectant, which means it can draw moisture from the air to the skin or hair for long lasting hydration.

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2. It has enzymes that can help clarify the skin, clear and clean the pores and prevent bacterial build up.

3. It can help lighten the skin and decrease the appearance of scars by increasing healing and tissue regeneration.


4. The nutrients and enzymes in honey can give dull hair shine without weighing it down.

5. It is essential in treating sunburn. This is because it can restore hydration to the deepest layers of sun-exposed skin. It contains powerful anti-inflammatories to calm burned skin and aid recovery.

This is one multi-use staple in the home, incorporate it into your skin and hair care today for a beautiful you


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