Why You Should Use Lip Liner


Lipsticks are a way to add an extra oomph! to your look and lip liners are the essential sisters to your lipsticks. Many people do not understand why this step is necessary, but when you want your lip color to last and not bleed into fine lines, reach for that lip liner. They now come in tons of shades and types to meet the modern woman’s needs.

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Why You Should Use Lip Liners

Here are more reasons why you should line your lips.

Go for a subtly drawn liner look to play up your lips as opposed to an overdrawn look that can give off “cheap look” vibes.

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Why You Should Use Lip Liners

Lip liners also give lip colors something the stick to, thereby increasing the staying power of the lip color.


Furthermore, lining your lips also creates a boundary for your lip color and prevents it from slipping to your skin.

Why You Should Use Lip Liners

A well pigmented lip liner can also double as a matte lipstick.

Lip liners can also be used to create an illusion of fuller and plumper lips, when slightly drawn outside of the natural lip lines. This is especially for those with small lips.

Using a slightly darker shade of lip liner can also be a way to create a soft ombre lips.


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