7 Tips for Buying Shoes Online


7 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Online sales has gained popularity in Nigeria, as many prefer that option to the haggling and stress of market trips. More online stores have continued to spring up year in, year out and even those with physical stores are beginning to get on the bandwagon and sell online. But the one thing about online buying, it’s a “dark market.” I called it that because you have to rely on pictures and description of the items. Size and quality checks are done when it has been brought to you.

Tips for Buying Shoes Online

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Some of the hardest things to buy online are clothing and shoes and that was why we decided to bring you some tips for buying shoes online.Tips for Buying Shoes Online

  • Choose a store with a good reputation for selling quality items, most especially if you are a first time buyer. Check stores with good reviews and customer feedbacks. Buying on Instagram is a bit more daunting because there are a lot of fake accounts that display products from other stores and they go on to block the person once s/he has paid. Do your research well before you buy.
  • Check the store’s return policy. It should be easy to make returns of items that are not your size. If the return policy is too severe, abort mission.
  • Ensure that the pictures of the items are large and clear enough for you to see as much details as you need to and that the pictures show the shoes from many angles
  • Check the description of the item in terms of materials used and all, so you don’t go expecting something else.
  • Always ensure you check the store’s size guide. They would usually indicate if they are using UK, Europe, American or any other size guide. Know your size across these three options at least so that you don’t pick shoes too large or too small.
  • Also, know which of your foot is bigger, that helps when it comes to testing the shoes.
  • Once the shoes have been delivered, try them on immediately without taking off labels or anything and try them indoors on a surface that won’t scuff or stain the soles of the shoes to allow for easy return.

Here a just a few tips, do you have any to share?


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