Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats


If you open any woman’s closet, you are bound to see ballet flats in her wardrobe. This is because they are very comfortable to wear and move around in.

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Ballet flats, also known as Dolly shoes, ballet pumps or ballet sneakers are gotten from a woman’s soft ballet shoe, which has a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel. The ballet flats have existed since 16th century and have been worn by both men and women since then. They are made from different fabrics and usually have a rubber sole.

Over time, there have been different styles or variations of these shoes and they continue to be the go-to for comfortable wear for women. Most especially for those days one can’t stomach any kind of heels. The beauty of the shoes also lies in the easy switch they can make from being office shoes to complementing a casual outfit as well.

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As comfortable as these shoes can be, you also have to ensure that they are not putting pressure on your toes area as well, this will prevent ingrown nails from forming. Also, ensure they are firm on your feet and not sloppy as this the clawing motions your toes make to keep the shoe on your foot ca result in a permanent claw in the long run. Long term wear can also lead to tendon issues, aching arches or bruised heels.

When shopping for ballet shoes, go for the ones with a little bit of heels to give a bit of distance between your feet and the ground; one that isn’t so soft that it can be bent in half and also one with cushioning in the forefoot and heel of your foot for more comfort.

Like everything, enjoy your shoes in moderation, no matter how comfortable they are.

Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
JCREW CeCe suede purple flats
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
meher Kakalia “Amaya point tie dye blue beige/lemon” flats
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
Gucci front buckle flats
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
Snake skin purple flats
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
Ana Lublin Zenilda flats
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
Tie up black flats
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
Embellished flats from Lili Vanity
Shoegasm: Popping Ballet Flats
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