Video: Curling Hair Using Cold Perm Rods


 I remember my excitement when i won two packs of cold perm rods, the small size. I had seen pictures and videos of how they were used to create beautiful curls on natural hair. The first time i used mine though, it was done on my transitioning hair and i was really excited by my results. These rods come in different sizes as seen in the picture below.Video: Curling Hair Using Cold Perm Rods

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Mastering the skill of getting the perfect curls with perm rods can be tricky but also easy-peasy when you get a hang of it. They do not need heat to set, all you have to do it wait for your dampened hair to dry and the result will certainly excite you too.


This style is best done on freshly washed and conditioned hair, and you will need a styling gel for hold when your hair dries.

You do not need to have your hair stretched for this style also and you can do so many styling options if you don’t want a full head of curls.

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Video: Curling Hair Using Cold Perm Rods
Look after the rods have been taken off

trust me, people will ask what weave-on you used when you pop in to work on Monday and you will smile like the cat that got the cream when you tell them the hair is all yours.

Remember, it isn’t for only naturalistas, relaxed and those transitioning can also use them. Also, they can be used to curl human hair weaves as well. The possibilities with these rods are almost endless.


Watch the video below to learn how to create this style.

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