A Few Tips For Selecting Your Bridal Shoes

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Congratulations, you are engaged!! *drum roll* and now, the wedding planning begins. One of the most important part of the outfit for that day are your shoes. Except you are having a beach wedding where you can go bare feet (which is not the norm in this part of the world) you have to pick out suitable shoes for your big day.

Bride's Shoes Tips
Bride Wearing Her Shoes
Bride's Shoes Tips
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In as much as many would advice that function over when it comes to shoes, you can find a middle ground. But it is advisable you follow these few tips when picking out your wedding shoes.

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Bride's Shoes Tips
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Bride's Shoes Tips
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Buy shoes that suit your personality and style. If you are not comfortable in heels, since you don’t want to fall flat on your face or be uncomfortable, wear ballet flats, sandals or even sneakers, if that is your thing. It’s YOUR day, you can be excused as comfort is the key word here. Also, you don’t have to wear white or ivory shoes either. A pop of color is allowed for your big day.

Bride's Shoes Tips
Badgley Mischka
Bride's Shoes Tips
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Have a spare pair on hand. Unforeseen events can happen, having a back-up pair or even a pair to change into for the reception (where most of the dancing happens) is essential. Ensure you have a plan B love

A lot of people forget to break in their shoes before the wedding, perhaps to preserve the “newness” of the shoes. Because you do not want blisters on that day, break your shoes in. This means wear them around the house and if they are a little tight expand them before your big day.

Bride's Shoes Tips
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Some TLC for your feet before your big day ladies! Even if you are wearing covered shoes, get a pedicure. Don’t say “my dress cover my feet, why do I need a pedi?” No, No, No. Take care of your feet and nails, just as you would have had a manicure; your feet will thank you for it.

Your shoes should complement your dress and ensure you them along for your dress fitting too. You want to be certain your dress is the right length you envisaged while wearing the shoes you bought.

If you can, purchase some heels cushion for the back of your feet. There are also heel grips to keep your heels from slipping and sole stoppers to prevent YOU from slipping on those floors that may be trying to embarrass you. Lol

Keep these tips in mind, and your shoe game will be on point for your big day!


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