How to Know If Your Hair Needs Moisture or Protein


How do you know if your hair needs moisture or protein? There are so many hair products in the market nowadays, it can be overwhelming knowing which to pick. Before you reach for any product (restrain yourself from being a product junkie) ensure you know exactly what is wrong with your hair so you know how best to treat it. As we have previously discussed, the hair needs a proper balance of moisture and protein to be healthy and help in your length retention. Too much of either will always lead to damage and we don’t want that.

It may be hard to figure out what your hair needs, but typically, if you moisturize your hair daily, deep condition weekly and do a protein treatment every 4-6weeks, you should be good to go, but sometimes, we know life ain’t that simple.How to Know If Your Hair Needs Moisture or Protein

Here are two quick ways to know whether it is time for more moisture or you need a protein treatment.

  1. Strand Test: Take a strand of your hair , wet it with water and gently stretch it. If it returns to it’s original length without breaking, you have properly balanced moisture-protein levels (whew!). If it stretches more than it should, you probably need to incorporate more protein in your regimen. If it doesn’t stretch much, you need more moisture then.
  2. If the strand test isn’t your cup of tea, then you have to be ready to listen to your hair and this takes practice; go by how your hair feels. If your hair feel stringy, limp or sticky, then it is crying for more protein. If your hair feels tough or hard, it probably has too much protein in it. If your hair is dry, tangled and weak, it needs more moisture baby. If your hair is over soft that it is breaking and isn’t holding style, it has too much moisture

Try either of these out and see if it works!

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