Tutorial: Getting a Hang of the Double Gele

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Learn How to Tie The Double Gele

Been seeing a lot of brides rocking the two colors of gele look and have always wondered how they achieved it. These our women are getting more creative everyday oo, hian. From the ayaba to the avant-garde gele and the million pleats, new styles keep cropping up even before we can get over the previous one.
Tutorial: Getting a Hang of the Double Gele

The idea behind the double gele is very simple, you are going to tie two different, (but complimentary color) geles. the contrast in the two colors is what makes people wonder how it was tied and kept in place.

I can imagine how many ladies turned heads when others first saw this style on them, they must have felt like the real MVPs that day. lol

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If you have always wondered how they came about this beautiful creation, wonder no more darling, watch the video below and be a head turner too.Tutorial: Getting a Hang of the Double Gele

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In this video by sStylish Ab, she shows how she she gets party ready rocking her double gele. I need to really get in the gele training process oo, these people be making me green with envy.

Tutorial: Getting a Hang of the Double Gele
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