These Are The Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

These Are The Reasons Why Your Diet Isn't Working


If your weight loss meal plan is yielding little-to-no results, these bad habits might be to blame. If you’ve spent the last few weeks, or months, committing to a strict diet regimen, you know the frustration that follows from a lack of progress or results. This can be especially true when the problem isn’t your self-discipline. You’re left feeling helpless and out of resources. As it turns out, you may be making some small, but diet-sabotaging mistakes. These can completely inhibit you from reaching your weight loss goals. Below are some of the reasons why your diet may not be working.


Feeling hungry is the most obvious reason that we eat. If you find yourself eating too often or eating meals that are too big, you may be able to curb hunger with different food choices. Pick foods that are higher in fiber and eat foods that consist mainly of protein.

You’re eating too many processed foods and sugar.

Even if you are restricting calories, if your diet is high in sugar and processed carbs, weight loss is challenging, if not impossible.

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You’re inconsistent.

Setting and following a workout and fitness routine is great. But if you don’t consistently stick with it, you likely won’t see desired results. If you want to see a change in your physical body, you have to commit to your diet, as well as your exercise routine.

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You’re not getting enough sleep.

Sleep is a vital human behavior—we can’t live without it. Even when your days are jam-packed, it’s crucial that you get your recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, daily. Otherwise, you’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to weight loss.

You’re being impatient.

When you’ve finally committed, adopted, and stuck to a workout and diet regimen, you’re beyond eager to see and feel results. Be patient and you will notice the changes in due time.



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