Quick Fashion Fixes You Should Know

Six Times Nigerian Designer Derin Fabikun Stunned In Her Design


We pulled together a few quick fashion fixes that will come in handy in every day life. This will make you have an easier life and save money.


If you’re traveling or at the office and you don’t have a regular iron and board at your disposal, you might have access to your favorite hair tools. A flat iron is great for removing wrinkles quickly when you’re in a bind. Be very conscious of the heat setting, some fabrics are delicate and straighteners can get very hot. 

The size and shape of the flat iron can also help to get to some of those hard to reach wrinkles, like in between the buttons on a button down shirt.

Latest 2018 Styles

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Keep cool fashion tip

Use cotton underarm shields to protect your favorite dresses from perspiration stains

New Clothes from Old

Transform stale bridesmaid dresses into a cocktail dress by altering the hemline, neckline and sleeves. Remake outdated dresses into a blouse or skirt.

Twice as Nice

If the collar of a shirt is starting to fray, don’t get rid of the garment. Carefully remove the collar at the seam where it is joined to the shirt, turn the collar over, and reattach it with the unworn side showing. Or sew the seam closed and leave the shirt collarless.

Panty Hose Run

Freeze your pantyhose before wearing them and they will last longer. After wetting them thoroughly and wringing out excess water, put the panty hose in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer. When you need stockings, thaw them out and let them dry. A light coating of starch will make them more resistant to runs.  To stop a run in a stocking, rub the run with wet soap, spray it with hair spray, or dab on clear nail polish.

Convert Old Clothes To New

Turn that pair of old jeans into a skirt. Cut the jeans to the desired skirt length, leaving an inch for hemming. Then remove the inseam stitching.For a straight skirt, just sew those edges together and hem the bottom. To add flair, cut triangular pieces from the leg material you cut off and sew the triangles into the openings formed by the inseam edges.

Pamper Your Purses

Gently stuff your purse before storing and maintain its shape. Place it in an old flannel or cotton pillowcase to protect the exterior.

Quick Fashion Fixes You Should Know
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