Pressed Powder vs Loose Powder


Powder is a must in every girl’s make up purse, as it is mattifying and prevents the face from looking greasy. In fact, a lot of girls carry them like the MTN slogan: Everywhere they go. This is because first application isn’t usually enough to carry the face for the day, touch ups are necessary. I love brown powder, it’s the only kind I use, but I know some of my friends prefer the white counterpart as their daily go-to. Today’s topic is on brown powders.

Brown powders usually come in two forms: Loose or pressed. What’s the difference between the two, and which one should you go for? We’ll take a look at them in a jiffy, but first, both of them serve the same function: even out the skin tone and absorb oil.
Pressed Powder vs Loose Powder
Black Opal Pressed Powder

The major difference between the two is the way they look. The pressed one has larger particles with a silicones or waxes used as a binder to keep them in a semi-solid form while its loose counterpart has smaller particles, meaning it is finely milled and light weight; this makes loose powder more buildable, to give an “I just made up” look, but because it is finer in texture, it can settle into fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Loose powder isn’t generally used alone, as it is used to set foundation. Loose powder contains less oil than pressed powder and this makes it the best choice for oily skin. Loose powder comes in small jars and is not easy to carry around. This is where compact or pressed powder comes in. Pressed powders are more portable and can be hauled around for touch ups. The bigger particles of pressed powder makes applying too much of this on the face give a cakey appearance.


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Picking the one to use depends on a few factors, the skin type, whether you have oily or dry skin, the amount of coverage you need. Remember, the loose one is great for setting other make-up and the pressed is perfect for the minimal make up user.

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