Five Essential Tools Every Naturalista Needs To Have

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Your natural hair journey will be extremely hard and an unpleasant one if you do not have some essential tools to make your journey smooth and stress free. These include:


Naturally curly hair needs regular hydration! And in this regard, a spray bottle can become your best friend. Not only does a spray bottle help to give your thirsty strands a drink, it also helps to refresh that old wash-and-go or puff after it has been slept on, making your style look brand new!


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Curls, kinks and coils can be fragile, and a lot of damage can be done during detangling. Wide-toothed combs are basically what you  need to get at first. Because of how thick your natural hair is you need an widetooth comb to stretch your hair and comb it out. Normal combs are good too but the best comb to use are widetooth combs.


Plastic caps are perfect for covering your hair after applying your favorite deep conditioner, but also great for the ‘baggying’ method for those times when your hair needs some extra moisture. Oh, and did I mention that they are great for hot oil treatments too?


If you use a cotton pillowcase, it is important to cover your hair at night because cotton sucks up moisture. So you may find that your lovely moisturized strands  from the night before feel like the Sahara in the morning, unless you cover with a silk or satin bonnet  or headscarf. If these don’t work for you, you may prefer a silk or satin pillowcase instead.


Hair clips are super important when it comes to sectioning off your hair. Attacking your curls head on can be a bit intimidating, so working in sections and using clips to keep those sections separate makes managing your curls a lot easier. It also saves you a ton of time.

What are the essential tools that you cannot live without? Let us know in the comment section

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