Awesome Benefits Of Ginger Tea To The Body

Awesome Benefits Of Ginger Tea To The Body


Ginger tea is made from the ginger root or powdered ginger. Easy to brew, it has a number of powerful effects on the body.Ginger itself, has intrigued scientists and researchers due to the many uses it has in ancient medicinal traditions. Today, the medical community is finally uncovering just some of the many things that ginger can do. If you are struggling with cold, indigestion or even sore throat, you need ginger tea. Among the most popular health drinks, add ginger to tea and it becomes a spicy caffeine-free alternative to black tea or coffee. It is among the most popular herbs with medicinal properties.

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Drinking ginger tea can:


•Help the body absorb nutrients

•Help alleviate the stomach pain

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•Help with irritable bowl syndrome

•Help with weight loss


•Help fight cancer

•Help manage glucose levels

•Improve circulation

•Improve the food digestion

•Increases the production of gastric juice

•Protect against Alzheimer’s Disease

•Open inflamed airways

•Reduce arthritic inflammation

•Relieve menstrual discomfort

•Relieve stress

•Stimulate appetite

How to Make Ginger Tea

To make 1 cup of ginger tea, take a piece of whole, unpeeled ginger root and grate 1 heaping teaspoon. Stir the ginger into a cup of hot water and let steep for 2 minutes. Strain or let the ginger settle at the bottom of the cup. Add a few drops of lemon to enhance the potency of ginger tea.

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