Strobing MakeUp Technique By Ella




Strobing 101

Strobing Makeup Technique is Changing the Game, the luminous look is in and the new beauty technique of strobing is how to do it.

Strobing does the complete opposite of Contouring and promises not to leave your face a melting pot in the heat in Nigeria

Strobing is entirely dependent on the power of highlighting products.You apply it on all the high points of your face,that is the tops of your cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the center of your chin should all get the  treatment of the highlighter , while the rest of your face, where shadows are naturally cast, recede in the background. Essentially, it’s like contouring lite: In contrast to all of the highlighted points, the hollows of your cheeks seem deeper and sharper by comparison, your cheekbones higher, your nose slimmer.

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Whereas contouring requires a masterful understanding of bone structure and a lot of effort devoted to blending, strobing is a fresh way to take advantage of light and make it work for you. All you need is your favorite highlighter and maybe some blotting papers, should your skin start to look more greasy than glowy.



Strobing MakeUp Technique By Ella
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