Watch This Lady Slay Her Crochet Braids!



I remember last year when crochet hair became a huge and popular thing in Nigeria among the natural haired sisters, since then, its popularity hasn’t let up as more people have continued to slay this protective style in many different ways.Watch This Lady Slay Her Crochet Braids!


They have used normal kanekalon hair (extension and the other brands), marley hair and even pre-braided, pre-locked or pre-twisted hairs. These styles are very easy and quick to do, if you cannot figure it out yourself, your stylist can always work something out for you.Watch This Lady Slay Her Crochet Braids!

The best thing about this style? All the tool you need for installation is a crochet pin, some have even used bobby pins, but since i have the crochet pin or needle (which is also very affordable in the market, it used to be between N1000-N1500) I didn’t bother with learning how to use a bobby pin.Watch This Lady Slay Her Crochet Braids!

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The beauty of this style is that it looks as if you fixed extensions and if the hair is not too tied during the process, you can reuse, especially the marley hair.

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Always ensure that your plaits or hair braiding partner is good. That was my error the first time i made this hair. Do your braid pattern well and you are goof to go, since that would be your canvass

Watch This Lady Slay Her Crochet Braids!
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