The Steps to Hair Moisturization

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As you know by now, the key to healthy natural hair is moisturization. Moisture comes from water or water based products. Regardless of the hair porosity, there is a need to “secure” moisture put on the hair. There are two main methods or steps of moisturization, but you need to figure out the step that works best for your hair type. The order in which you apply the right products for your hair will determine the how well it retains moisture. These steps are the L.O.C method


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The Steps to Hair Moisturization
Some products to use for the steps

This first step involves moisturizing or hydrate the hair using a liquid or a liquid based product first. The best liquid here is water. If you are not using water, you can use a leave-in conditioner that has water as its first ingredient.


To seal in this moisture, you then follow up with an oil.

The importance of oil here is that it helps hair hold on to water molecules. There are some oils that are great at penetrating the hair strands deep into the shaft and bind with the protein of the hair. Some of the best oils for this step include olive, castor, jojoba, avocado and coconut oils. This acts as a sealant to the liquid introduced.


A lot of people get confused as to what type of cream to use. The aim of introducing the cream here is to act as a cover for the previous two and further seal in the benefit of hydration of both steps. A cream here can also be butters such as shea, mango or cocoa butter, depending on what your hair likes. If you do not want to do the natural butters, you can opt for any branded product that can serve as a cream or butter.

The Steps to Hair Moisturization
More products that can be incorporated into the steps

The L.C.O method is simply putting the cream first before the oil and the L.O.C.O method involves using a light oil in the first oil step such as grapeseed, peppermint, tea tree oil and following up with a cream and a heavier oil like castor, olive, coconut oil at the end

You do not have to go heavy handed when applying the last two so as to avoid product build up on the hair and also, not everyone has the time everyday to follow the three steps. The easiest way of incorporating the first two is to add you favorite oil to clean water and mist the hair with it daily and follow up with the cream or butter.

The L.O.C method works for a lot of hair types, but the others also work better for some other people. The important thing is you can try them out for a while each and figure out which is the best method for you.

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