Stitch Braids Plaiting for Beginners!

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Stitch braids are the new braiding pattern in town. They are certainly a a novel and interesting way to do the good old plaits, though they take more time than the normal braids. Stitch braids, though may look complicated are actually very simple to do. They make the braids look edgier and sleeker too; it’s like icing on top of an already great cake.

This braided hairstyle is also known as the “invisible cornrows, “no knot cornrows” or the rubber band braids”

In this video by BeautyCanBraid, she takes us through a very simple way of creating this hairstyle. It’s a bit long, but I am certain after watching it, you will be longing to try it out!

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Stitch Braids Plaiting for Beginners!
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