No Time For Braids? Install Your Braids Via Crochet

Stylish Ways To Style Your Box Braids


How To Do Beautiful Braids Via Crochet

Crochet is certainly not a new trend for many naturalistas and it is very quick and easy to do, even by yourself. If you are like me and you hate the long sitting hours it takes to install braids or twists but you love to make the hairstyle, there is an easier way to do this!No Time For Braids? Install Your Braids Via Crochet


I introduce to you the “braids installation via crochet.” What makes this different from the regular braiding is that instead of your hair to be partitioned into small sizes as usual with box braids or twists, your hair is cornrowed and then the pre-braided or pre-twisted hair is crocheted with a crochet pin or bobby pin on your cornrowed tracks.No Time For Braids? Install Your Braids Via Crochet

The other advantage of this is also that you sit down for lesser time and your edges are saved the usual stress and tugging they face when doing box braids.

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This is a safer and much better option for protecting your hair!

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Check out this quick video tutorial by That Chic Natural to see how this is done.

Let me know if you decide to try this out!

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