Try This Chic Hairstyle To Work!


A Video Tutorial on a Chic Hairstyle to Work

The working week begins tomorrow as we have all enjoyed the long weekend as a result of the Labour Day holiday. If you were unable to do anything tangible with your hair during this period, do not fret, we have got you covered!


It may not be that you were unable to find the time to go to the salon, it could also be that you may actually be tired of fixing weaves or installing braids for now and have decided to rock your natural hair and let it breathe for a while, so this post is for you.

The point of this quick hairstyle video tutorial is to be able to rustle something that won’t take too much of your time in the morning and will still be intact for a couple more days too.

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If you are very creative and skilled at styling your natural hair, try this out. If you do end up re-creating it, kindly share pictures with us.

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