Quick Question Ladies, Have You Ever Been In Love?

Quick Question Ladies, Have You Ever Been In Love?


As humans, We all want to experience love on way or the other. Love with our partner, our parent, siblings, children, personal items, or our pet.

Love I must confess is a beautiful thing and we all want to experience it.


Have you ever been in love? i guess i should have asked that first…………..

Have you ever been in love that you pray you never come out of? If you have then you must know what am talking about. If you haven’t, i will advice you find someone you love or something to love, as we all need to experience love once in our life time.

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To some, love has been labeled horrible, as it makes your vulnerable. you have to open your heart to fall in love, and if you do fall in love with the wrong person, they will definitely not appreciate you.

Love has been tagged horrible because love takes you hostage. it get into you, eat you out and leaves you crying in the darkness.


For those who get lucky with love, they will tell you, its the most wonderful feeling they have every experinced.

Most new moms falls so much in love with their new babies and they will tell you its the best feeling in the world. The want to hold their babies all the time due to this rush of love they are feeling.

Love is a wonderful feeling, its a right for everyone hence we advice you get yourself love and be loved. Quick Question Ladies, Have You Ever Been In Love?



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