Hair: Split Ends and its Causes


Split ends, also known by its scientific name “Trichoptilosisis the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft, usually as a result of thermal, mechanical or chemical damage to the strand.

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Hair: Split Ends and its Causes

Thermal damage occurs as a result of too much use of heat on the hair, either via blow drying, hair straightners or curling irons.

Mechanical damage is as a result of handling while styling or caring for the hair via rough handling while detangling hair or even too much combing.

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Chemical damage occurs even via over use of hair dyes or perming the hair. These chemicals usually strip the hair off its protective coating and exposing it to damage. Extra care needs to be taken after any chemical application. These usually strip off the protective layering off the hair shaft. Split ends result in the “division” of the hair strand into what looks like “branches.” Trust me, they ain’t pretty.

The bad news about split ends? They cannot be repaired. If you are trying to hold on to your hair length just because you are afraid of trimming your hair to get rid of split ends, my dear, you will only make things worse.

Hair: Split Ends and its Causes
Trimmed hair

A split end is already damaged hair and holding on to it means that split will travel further down the hair shaft, thereby causing more damage. They are every naturalista’s nightmare as it means it is time to let go of some inches of hair to maintain your hair health.

Because there is no remedy to this malady (lol, trying to rhyme here), it is best to take preventive measures instead. In addition to the afore mentioned ways hair damage can occur, it is also advisable that if you have shoulder length hair, wear it in an updo more often. The tips of your hair rubbing against your clothes is a sure fire way to cause damage to your hair. Also, seal your ends during your moisturization process as well.

Remember, split ends are not to be held on to, in Elsa’s sonorous voice “let them goooooo”


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