6 Ways To Get The Best Out of Your Mascara


Getting the best out of your mascara



Mascaras are a staple in any lady’s make-up purse. They enhance the eyes, by elongating the lashes. They come in tubes with a wand which have different kinds of brushes attached to the end. The kinds of brushes also help with the application of the mascara to the lashes.

Mascaras have a short shelf life of three months because they are semi-liquid in nature. Chances are you use your mascara way past their expiration date.

  • 1)Apply mascara after the eyeshadow
  • 2) Curl your lashes before applying mascara.
  • 3) Use a “zig-zag” technique when applying mascara. Go from the roots in tiny zig-zag motions upwards till the ends of your lashes. This will add volume and length, as well as help to cut down clumps.
  • 4) Wiggle your lashes at the base, this will make them look thicker.
  • 5) If some of your lashes have stuck together – use a clean lash comb to brush and separate them, try to do it when the mascara isn’t yet dry.
  • 6) If you aren’t satisfied with one layer of mascara – brush your lashes (with little lush comb) and then, apply a second layer of mascara to add volume. 


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