Gele Tutorial: Tying the Updo Gele Style


Tying the Updo Gele

We know our geles and our geles know us. Gele tying is an art that every woman should try to master. Just like you probably have a signature meal you cook really well, you can have a signature gele tying style that is fool-proof. The type that you can sleep-tie. lol


This art though requires a lot of practice and effort too but it can be the added zing to your traditional outfit and you can save some bucks from not paying someone to tie it for you. Although now, there are pre-sewn ones that have made things easier for those of us who don’t want to waste precious time learning this skill.

In this quick video, Vlogger, Chichichikito shows us another gele tying style which she called the Updo-gele-style/">Updo Gele for your next popping party. It seems pretty simple enough to grasp. If you do try it out, kindly send in pictures!

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