Dressing for your body Part 4: Diamond Shape


This is part 4 of the “dressing for your body type” series A diamond shape is characterised by hips broader than bust and shoulders; defined waists, which is the widest part of the frame; proportionately slender and shapely arms, shapely lower legs but with some weight in the upper legs. There is a tendency for weight gain in the stomach, back, hips and bum.


When dressing this shape, the aim is to wear clothing that will draw attention to the upper part of the body, away from the belly and clothing that will elongate the body without adding extra weight to the bust, waist and hips


diamond Tops

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  • Go for tops that will accentuate the shoulders. V-necks, scoop necks, flutter sleeves and off-shoulder styles.
  • Dresses that are tight just the bust and fall straight down to the toes
  • Wear bold necklaces and earrings that shift the attention upward
  • Pants with wide legs that don’t grab on to the thighs, belly or bump, darker coloured pants with clean lines to minimize hip width
  • Bootcut and flared pants lengthen the legs
  • A-line skirts are good to go


diamond Bottoms

  • Avoid tucking in your shirts, it would make your belly look huge.
  • Avoid wearing belts in an attempt to accentuate the waist
  • Don’t wear high-waist pants, pants should end under the belly
  • Stay away from puffa jackets, they will make you look huge
  • Avoid Capri pants and shorts, they will make you look huge
  • Avoid flap pockets, pleats or details that will draw eye to the hips


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