Bbnaija’s Tobi And Ceec Are The May Cover For Media Room Hub

Bbnaija’s Tobi And Ceecee Are The May Cover For Media Room Hub


Former Big Brother Naija housemates Tobi and Cee-C are the latest cover stars for Media Room Hub magazine’s May issue.

The housemates speak to the magazine about the happenings in the house, where their relationship went wrong and life after the house.


Bbnaija’s Tobi And Ceecee Are The May Cover For Media Room HubBbnaija’s Tobi And Ceecee Are The May Cover For Media Room HubRead excerpts below:

On if their drama was scripted:

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Tobi: In the Bigbrother house generally, nothing was scripted, everything that happened in there was very natural. Even at a point we thought we were boring and they might probably want to scrap the show that was how bad it was. So, nothing was predetermined everything was totally natural and that’s the nature of the game.

Cee-C: Eeeeerm…I totally agree with what Tobi said, in the house nothing was scripted. None of us was given any script to work on, everything that happened in the house were normal day to day activities.


Bbnaija’s Tobi And Ceecee Are The May Cover For Media Room HubOn what attracted them to each other in the beginning:

Tobi: In the game, how it happened was the head of house challenge. First of all, when we got on stage I saw this beautiful lady that was wearing a nice dress, so I complimented. And when we got to the house, we fakely got evicted and went back to the house. At first, I was meant to choose Koko, but she denied knowing me at a point prior to winning head of house, so I chose Cee-C as my partner. Naturally we started to bound, for the first two weeks it was more like sharing and knowing someone you kind of have like minds with, so we used to share thoughts and we kind of built a safe space around each other at that point.

Bbnaija’s Tobi And Ceecee Are The May Cover For Media Room HubCee-C: So I got into Big Brother house amongst all the guys in the house, I saw this very nice looking young man, of course he is mentally attractive and I watched him everyday, watched the way he handles the task, he pays attention to details. He is this guy that always cares about me, asking me questions about my well-being, more like we built a home together in the first few weeks because every night we come back to the bed to talk about the day. For me, the attraction was all package, it was amazing, he was an amazing guy too.

On owing eachother an apology and making things right:

Tobi: Yeah, I agree. I have been the one talking since; to be honest nobody can tell me that part in the house was a game. Of course, professionally I don’t hate her. A lot of things I did do in the house, how I was able to handle a lot of things in the house was because I still see her as a friend. But for me, for this relationship to continue three things are involved. Accept you were wrong, apologize and then try to be better.

Cee-C: I don’t want to sound defensive in here but the truth is I don’t think I owe Tobi any apology as at now. You know why? Because I have already apologized for using certain words at him that is, what I know I said wrong. When I went into the house, I didn’t ask Tobi to come around me, I didn’t force him to like me. He should have simply walk up to me to tell me what I did wrong. One thing I know I did very wrong was the day that I used a lot of bad words to him, for that I apologized to Tobi.

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