6 Essential Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy..

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Keeping our hair healthy sometimes(for some MOST TIMES) can be stressful but the truth is you can’t expect healthy hair while you’re not working towards it. Another fact is that the people you envy their hair and the way it’s all shining and beautiful is because they took certain measures which i am about to reveal to you.

Below are the 6 essential ways in which we think could help keep your hair healthy..

1 Dry your hair before going to bed.

I must confess i’m a victim of this coz once i’m off the shower i just hop on my bed most times roughly clean my hair but research has revealed that if water accumulates on the hair, the hair shaft can swell and become porous, making it prone to damage. Also, as damp hair forms and dries into tangles and knots, breakage can occur. Damp hair in a warm environment can become a hotbed for bacteria already present on pillows and bedding, which eventually gives rise to dandruff and hair loss. So ALWAYS DRY YOUR HAIR BEFORE GOING TO BED

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2 Get your hair checked ALWAYS.

Most of the time alot of us just go to the salon, have our hair done and when you see breakages you overlook it which is a bad thing because you have refused to check the cause of it. According to hair specialist they say the most common form of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia, or male or female pattern hair loss, where hair loss occurs due to genetic or hormonal factors. In men, the hairline recedes, with hair loss more significant in the front and crown areas. In women, however, the hair thinning typically happens behind the hairline. Other conditions include alopecia areata (possibly due to medication) and telogen effluvium (possibly due to stress).

3 Eat protein-rich foods.

Your hair comprises 95 per cent protein (the rest is water), so a diet high in protein can help promote healthier tresses. “Look for foods such as fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt, Vitamins are important for general health and, by extension, hair health. Nutritional deficiencies in iron and zinc can accelerate hair loss so a good multivitamin with vitamin B, zinc and biotin, taken daily, will help hair grow stronger and healthier.”

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4 Shampoo every day.

No matter how much it cost make sure you shampoo your hair everyday as recommended by dermatologist it helps to kill unwanted germs in the hair that could cause hair breakage and other scalp malfunctionality.

5 Keep scalp healthy with a massage.

During shampooing or rinsing, massage your head using your fingertips. These circular motions increase blood flow to the scalp, delivering nutrients to your hair follicles more quickly.

6 Clean your hairbrushes.

Stray hairs and styling product can build up on the bristles of your hairbrush, which can easily be transferred onto your scalp and strands during brushing. As a general rule of thumb, wash your hairbrushes every week. Put it in a bowl with water and soak the hairbrush for several minutes. Rinse and remove remaining residue with a plastic fork.

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6 Essential Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy..
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