10 Stunning Aso Ebi Styles You Should Rock.

10 stunning asoebi styles 2016 amillionstyles


Hello lovelies, Of all outfits in Nigeria there’s one you won’t even dare go wrong with which is aso ebi. What’s the essence of an asoebi if it doesn’t give you that glam look?  You must always look your best and very stunning in every outfit you put on and if you’ve run out of styles we’ve got your back because this our 10 stuuning carefully picked asoebi styles will stun you!!!



Pitch and green
A flowing gown with a well harmonized color of pitch and green that enhances her figure. Considering a simple outfit doesn’t mean you should sew something shabby, be fashionable and stylish even with your simple style just like her.

10 stunning asoebistyle @asoebipalace amillionstyles
Cc @asoebipalace

Blue gown

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In case you don’t know or you’ve forgotten blue is not just for the masculine gender we ladies can rock it too just as she have done. She really killed it in her off shoulder gown, you can recreate this too.

10 stunning asoebistyle @ujuju_nwa amillionstyles.com
Cc @ujuju_nwa

Nude and white


A rich blend of white and nude color full gown with a neatly wrapped purple gele is a way to go. If you love it full then think of getting the style for yourself.

10 stunning asoebistyle @maty09 amilliosntyles
Cc @maty09

Ankara and lace combo

Much has been said about blending Ankara with different outfit incase you are lost in thought on which of the materials (whether lace or ankara) to pick for the next owambe worry not because you can blend the two together and have that radiant outfit just like her.

10 stunning asoebi style @biodunapoola amillionstyles.com
Cc @biodunapoola

The pink off-shoulder gown

Have you ever been confuse on whether to go for a low neckline style or an off shoulder then worry not because you can have both in one dress just like her. The low neckline and off shoulder style made her outfit very stylish.

10 stunning asoebi style @-mabopulus amillionstyles
Cc @-mabopulus

Grey lace and pink combo

It’s not only Ankara that enjoys all the juicy combo with different materials even lace materials is on the fleek for smashing combos too.  Check out her plain and also lacy material combo, the outfit is just perfect.

10 stunning asoebi style @empressemani amillionstyles
Cc @empressemani

Yellow patterned Ankara

A yellow patterned Ankara with a blue-black material combo which gives it a very unique look. Dearies even if you don’t want that full length flowing gown then this very stylish knee length gown is just what you need. Go rock It!

10 stunning asoebi style @dianaootipr amillionstyles
Cc @dianaootipr

Velvet and brocade

This velvet and brocade combo is a dope well combined colors which complement each other and also her skin tone. If you love a colorful outfit then get yourself this

10 stunning asoebi style @belleame_stiches amillionstyles
Cc @belleame_stiches

Gown with a cape

Lovelies, i hope you know that a cape is not for clergymen alone, if you wanna rock your tube gown to a religious gathering and you don’t want to go bare or you are already tired of putting on a jacket just get a cape and rock your outfit to wherever you want.
A full length gown with a front slit and a cape, this style is just perfect for those who won’t go bare yet want to look stylish

10 stunning asoebi style @mabopulus amillionstyles
Cc @mabopulus

Pink and gold

A very lovely way to blend colors, putting a pink frock on a yellow underlay just to tone the yellow color and give it an unusual radiant look.

10 stunning asoebi style @mabolupus amillionstyles
Cc @mabolupus

We hope you find a new style from here and get inspired to create yours!

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