Hair Tutorial: Boss Bang And Twisted Knot

A Quick But Cute Twisted Updo In 10 Minutes

Boss Bang Twisted Knot Hairstyle

Protective styles, usually known as PS are done to protect natural hair from the weather. It is very easy for damage to occur, especially the ends of the hair which are usually the weakest part of the hair strand. Hair Tutorial: Boss Bang And Twisted Knot

Protecting the hair simply means ensuring that the ends of the hair are tucked in, thus not only out of direct contact with weather but also out of the way of clothing items too, which can dry out of chaff the hair.


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Hair Tutorial: Boss Bang And Twisted Knot

This Boss Bang Twisted Knot hairstyle is perfect for a date night, a party, church or any special event. Because of the need of the curls in the bang to be perfectly formed (this means they have to be dry before they are taken out) it may best be done the night before the event.

The rest of the hair is very easy to recreate since it comprises of only three large flat twists packed into a low bun.

To have a better idea of what I am saying, watch the video below by Tha Chic Natural for clarification.

If you do decide to recreate the style, don’t forget to share with us!


Hair Tutorial: Boss Bang And Twisted Knot
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