Tutorial: A Quick But Cute Style For Short Hair


Quick Cute Style For Short Hair

If you have fairly thick natural hair or something a bit longer than a teenie-weenie afro, this hairstyle is for you. It is so quick to do that you can easily recreate it on a work day.


The basic idea is two flat twists in the front going all the way back to the middle of the head and some cute and quick finger curls with the pre-sectioned part of the back of the head. The products needed are some water to dampen the hair (if hair is dry) and some hair gel for hold in front and also for the quick curls.

As usual, it is best to do fresh hairstyles on freshly washed and conditioned hair with some leave in conditioner added. Section your hair into two parts (front and back) and section the front part vertically into two for the twists that will be in front.

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Using a brush, detangle the hair and add some gel to the front part to give a sleek look and keep any fly-aways down as well. Flat twist the hair going towards the back and hold the end down with some bobby pins. Do the same for the other side as well. After getting both twists done, you can then do your quick curls with the back section of your hair with the aid of the styling gel too. Viola! You are done!

Watch this video by OnlyOneJess for a better idea of what was just explained.


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