Video: How to Create Ombré Lip

Ombré Lip is also known as the “gradient lip look” Ombré means fade, a color going from darker to lighter shades and in this beauty trend, the trick is to wear two or more lipstick colors or shades and blending them into each other so they “fade” into one another. It is the “highlight and contour” of the lips, as the lighter middle gives a “highlighted and popping” effect.

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The important thing is to blend the colors well so it looks good. Some people have used darker lip pencils to create the darker border effect; some use two different shades of a lip color or even two different colors and I have also seen a makeup artist use a eye shadow primer to create the lighter effect in the middle of the lips. It is all about knowing what works for you or using what you have at hand.Video: How to Create Ombré Lip

Here is a quick video tutorial by GlambyMeliTv

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Video: How to Create Ombré Lip
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