5 Amazing Makeup Tips To Look Fab This Valentines Day.


Hello lovelies, it’s the season of love, care and romance, Yay! However, this romantic holiday is a good excuse to have fun with your makeup, whether it’s a girls night out or a charming dinner with your special someone.Red and Pink are the most used color for this love day!

Sweet and flirtatious Look is best look for this Love day 

[highlight]Here are some steps to take to achieve that look [/highlight]

1.Prep your skin by applying a primer to your face after you’ve cleansed and moisturized.

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2.Apply a generous amount of foundation over the face using your foundation brush then blend and polish the foundation into the   skin giving you a flawless look.

3.Using your powder brush lightly brush your loose powder over your face, applying only a little so you do not completely mattify your    skin.            

4.Lightly contour your face using your matte bronzed finishing powder blending it from your forehead down through your hair line          and along your jaw. Don’t forget your cheekbones! Sweep your blush on the apples of your cheeks.

5.Use your angled brow brow brush with your brow powder to create a strong brow with definition framing your eyes.


6.Grab one of your dark makeup pencils and begin drawing out the shape in the first panel. Try to match it to both eyes the best you      can. Now take a smaller pencil, and really clean up the edge, try to be precise. Make sure there is a definite line between your            natural skin color, and the darker line just made. Now grab a blending brush and start moving that dark smokey color out towards        your temples.Apply a mascara and now you have a very high class sexy look done right in your own home.


Source: Tommy Beauty Pro

7.Draw attention to those kissable lips of yours without using the usual red lip color. You can Use a dark pink Lipstick and a high            shimmer Lip Gloss like the e.l.f lipgloss to create that flirtatious look.

8c62c99d875ae56c251b2c1093ef0338                Sex-Shimmer-Rose-Red-Crystal-Lip-Gloss-1-Pcs-Super-Essence-Lip-Color-Gloss-Fresh-Romantic

 This gorgeous look will give you confidence this valentines and set the mood for whatever romantic plans you may have!

5 Amazing Makeup Tips To Look Fab This Valentines Day.
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